Health and Safety

It is our Company policy to ensure all possible steps are taken to ensure the health and safety of all persons who may be affected by our activities. In order to achieve this the Company will:


  • Provide a health and safe working environment for our employees

  • Provide equipment that is suitable and without risks for use at work

  • Provide training, instruction, information and supervision to our employees to enable them to carry out their job competently

  • Undertake assessments of the risks arising from our activities

  • Seek to communicate effectively on all issues concerning health and safety

  • Monitor the implementation and effectiveness of the policy, the methods and systems, and by a process of constant improvement, will seek to maintain high standards of health and safety

  • Review the policy as necessary and at the very least, on an annual basis

  • Liaise with and obtain health and safety advice from our external health and safety advisors


The Company recognises that the effective implementation of this policy depends on the co-operative efforts of all employees.

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